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2018 January - March Employee Of The Month

It's that time again! Time to recognize our employees of the bakery!

Employee of The Month - 2018 January - March The Shameless Bakery is an online bakery based in Northern Virginia. With a total workforce of two people who are a husband and wife team, this budding business is challenging the norm with baked goods made with local ingredients coming from local breweries, wineries, and distilleries. The Shameless Bakery is proud to recognize its potential within its walls by awarding an employee with a specialized parking space, certificate and recognition on our website each month by being selected as the employee of the month.

January 2018 Employee of the Month - Elisabeth Shankle Title - Blogger We are honored to name Elisabeth Shankle as our January 2018 employee of the month in her role as blogger. Thank you Elisabeth for organizing and turning those thousands of post it notes littered among the office and kitchen into your monthly(ish) blog entries!

February 2018 Employee of the Month - Elisabeth Shankle Title - Expediter We recognize Elisabeth Shankle as our February 2018 employee of the month for her job as the bakery expediter. Whether it is communicating between the bakery employees or between the bakery and the customer, we have seen the performance of the bakery nearly double in speed! Like a herd of turtles we are off into the future with Elisabeth at the helm!

March 2018 Employee of the Month - Elisabeth Shankle Title - Paralegal We are honored to name Elisabeth Shankle as our March 2018 employee of the month for her role as paralegal to the company. Elisabeth's tireless efforts have enabled the company to walk a straight line when it comes down to the nit and grit of navigating legalese. Her sense of humor of incorporating mug shots on company mugs leaves us with a little laughter each day too! It's this extra mile that makes us thankful for her. Thank you Elisabeth!

**A Message From The Author** I feel absolutely saddened that I must write this disclaimer while posting something this humorous. But the unfortunate matter is there are people out there who still attempt to drink a gallon of milk in a single sitting (hold up - really folks? Really??), so I can’t be left to chance without starting this satirical piece of work on owning a small business without the disclaimer of: “This blog was written in all good fun folks. It was meant to be humorous and in no way should reflect how we actually conduct business here at the bakery. It was meant to show how we can look upon our experience as very small business owners and laugh in the face of adversity; quite literally in some instances. We are down-to-earth people with down-to-earth dedication to keeping it as honest and real as we can without being taken advantage of. Keep it in perspective people. We want you to laugh just as we can laugh at ourselves sometimes.".

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