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The Shameless Bakery

The Shameless Bakery serves the northern Virginia area in providing unique baked goods that spotlight local breweries, distilleries, and wineries. The bakery begins humbly from a passion for baking and the love of a good beer. We do offer traditional flavors like 'Vanilla The Hun' and gourmet flavors like 'Rocking The Red Velvet' too.

There is no shame in satisfying your naughty little sweet tooth!

Elisabeth Shankle

The baker, the can't-break-her, the awesomeness policy maker.

Best Quality - Kindness

Favorite Quote - "Those who are the most impertinent have the best chance".- Mozart

Favorite Cake - Pound Cake

What inspires Elisabeth?

My family, anything that will make me smile, hockey, great music

Thomas Shankle

The rock and reason that guides this business to success.

Best Quality - Honesty

Favorite Quote - ""Well, heh, heh, you're not going to like this". - Skippy The Magnificent

Favorite Cake - The Impossible Cupcake

What inspires Thomas?

My family, laughter, hockey, mechanics, and good beer

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