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A one-stop-shop of socialness! Find out latest on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

And on the flip side of us spreading the news of our little corner of the universe; find out what others are saying about The Shameless Bakery with our reviews and the latest from our Yelp! page. 

"I purchased four of The Shameless Bakery, Local Brews Pack No. 1 as gifts and everyone loved them! Not only because they were flavored with beer from local breweries here in Northern VA but also because of the quality of the cupcakes! They were moist and the frosting creamy... the flavors were great! They lived up to the expectations of the people who received them! Can't wait to try more of the cupcakes!"

- Danielle Ryan

"Great cupcakes! Perfect ratio of frosting to cake. The flavor combinations were tasty, unique, and complimented each other well. I will definitely purchase more for my next celebration!"

Samantha McTernan

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