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  • What makes you so shameless?
    We are shameless because we keep it down-to-earth and real. Real sugar, real flour, real eggs and occasionally we purchase a separate bottle of beer for ourselves. We aren't afraid to experiment with flavors or ingredients and that makes us pretty shameless.
  • Where is your store?
    :: waves finger :: tsk, tsk, tsk. Not yet. I'm a home based baker at this time operating out of Stafford County, Virginia. When Shameless was originally launched I was based out of Manassas, Virginia and my products were made within a commercial kitchen. As my life changed, so did Shameless. The standards at which my products are made though have remained unchanged. One day I may have a store front. But for now; this is bliss enough.
  • What is the best way to contact you?
    The fastest and best way to reach us is via e-mail. You can catch us at: ​ The next fastest way - text us! We can be reached at: (571) 762-2042 ​ Finally; send us a message through our Contact page on the website or call us. ​ The reason calling us comes up last on this list is because as the owner/baker and with a staff of one, when my hands are covered in sugar and flour it is extremely difficult to pick up the phone in a timely manner.
  • What is the best way to store your products?
    We strive to deliver fresh products to you. However, sometimes it is necessary for us to freeze our products. Freezing our products does not degrade the product. In fact, moisture is retained by freezing the product. We highly recommend if you have leftovers once you have purchased from us that they are consumed within 48 hours if left at room temperature. You can place the leftovers in the refrigerator and your product will last up to an additional 2 days (3 days total following date of purchase). If your items are delivered to you frozen then they can be placed in the freezer for up to 30 days before consuming. When you are ready to enjoy our products and they are coming out of a freezer or refrigerator, please allow up to 45 minutes for products to come to room temperature before consuming.
  • Are your products kid friendly?
    Yes, our products are kid friendly. ​ Through our specialized process our products come out with less than half a percent of alcohol in them (way less). We are the "beer breads" of the sweet world that is.​ In working with various beers, wines, and spirits we have found that alcohol merely enhances our recipes. ​Younger kids may not fully appreciate the palette response adults have when sampling our alcohol flavored products. But they will definitely still find them just as tasty!
  • What ingredients do you use in your products?
    For a complete list of ingredients used in our products, please visit our "Menu" catalog. Each product contains it's description and list of ingredients.
  • What is up with your product names? Why can't you just say "vanilla"?
    Because we are weird. And that is ok. We try to honor the inspiration behind the flavors or how the flavors may make people feel. For more information on where we find our inspiration check our our Shameless Notes page and our blog entry titled "They've Got A Name For People Like You" (May 2017).
  • Do you have nut free/dairy free products?
    Some of our products do not contain nuts or dairy. A list of ingredients for each product can be found on our menu page. ​**Our products are produced in a facility that is not nut, dairy, or gluten free and with equipment that also processes milk, eggs, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, and soybeans.**
  • Do you offer gluten free products?
    We do not offer gluten free products. ​If you are looking for some gluten free baked goods please let us recommend the following bakeries that may be able to best meet your needs: Out Of The Bubble Bakery (Springfield, Virginia) Bakefully Yours (Manassas, Virginia)
  • How does your Order Form process work?
    Within 24 hours of your order form submission you should receive an email from us to verify the details of your submission. Once the invoice has been finalized (with product information and delivery/pick-up conditions) it will be sent to you for payment. At this time we do not offer cash payments. Any question or concern regarding this policy can be directed to us at Invoices can be paid online through a link within the invoice. Additional processing fees may apply. Delivery / pick-up of orders will not occur until payment is made in full for the order.
  • How much advance notice is needed for an order?
    Orders require a minimum of 72 hours notice. There are times when product may be available for delivery/pick-up within 72 hours; but this is not a guarantee. I am but one person here so I beg your patience and understanding as I work this beauty of a side hustle while still maintaining my 9 to 5 (more like 6) job.
  • Is there a minimum order requirement?
    Yes. At this time we require the following minimum order requirements: Within Aquia Harbour subdivision or pick-up arrangement just outside of Aquia Harbour subdivision = $14.00 Within Stafford County / City of Fredericksburg (pick-up arrangement or delivery) = $28.00 Outside Stafford County / City of Fredericksburg = Dependent upon distance from Stafford County, Virginia
  • What happens if my order is over 2 dozen cupcakes?
    First off; thank you! Secondly, orders larger than 2 dozen cupcakes may require more time to complete than our 72 hour notice window allows. If you have an event coming up please make sure to place your order as soon as possible. Lastly, if you are looking to order more than 72 cupcakes then your order may require a deposit before it can be started. Orders over $250 may require a $75.00 deposit. Orders over $500.00 may require a deposit of 25% of the total order cost.
  • Do you require a deposit?
    We require a deposit of $75.00 on orders over $250.00 but are under $500.00. If an order is over $500.00 your deposit is typically 25% of the total order cost. Deposits can be set up as payment installments. However, we will not begin baking your order until the deposit is received.
  • Do you offer refunds for your products?
    Refunds are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. We strive to provide you with the best product possible. We are not responsible for damage after delivery (or pick-up) of the product(s). In the event you are not satisfied with our product and/or our business we invite you to open a conversation with us so we may best come to a resolution of the issue. Further details regarding our refund policies can be found within our Terms and Conditions document (available through the "Terms and Conditions" page of our website or included below).
  • What is the delivery radius and pick-up locations?
    At this time we are only offering delivery within Stafford County, Virginia and within the City of Fredericksburg, Virginia. We do offer a pick-up location at a reduced fee at the addresses below: Stafford County Public Safety - Safety Exchange Parking Spaces located at 1225 Courthouse Road Stafford, Virginia 22554 Fredericksburg Police Department - Safety Exchange Parking Spaces located at 2200 Cowan Blvd Fredericksburg, Virginia 22401 We also offer a pick-up location at the Aquia Towne Center (approximate address of 475 Aquia Towne Center Drive Stafford, Virginia 22554. We do not charge a fee If a pick-up is arranged for this location. We are open to discussing additional pick-up locations within Stafford County. All pick-up locations must be within a populated and public area.
  • Is there a delivery / pick-up fee?
    For deliveries within the Aquia Harbour subdivision in Stafford County, Virginia there is not a delivery fee. If orders are arranged to be picked up at the Aquia Towne Center shopping center (approximate address is 475 Aquia Towne Center Drive Stafford, Virginia 22554) there is not a delivery / pick-up fee. If a delivery is made to a business or residence within Stafford County or within the City of Fredericksburg there is a $5.00 fee. If you choose either of the pick-up locations below the fee is reduced to $2.50: Stafford County Public Safety Center - Exchange Spaces located at 1225 Courthouse Road Stafford, Virginia 22554 Fredericksburg Police Department - Safety Exchange Spaces located at 2200 Cowan Blvd Fredericksburg, Virginia 22401 Deliveries that are made outside of Stafford County / City of Fredericksburg, Virginia are on a case-by-case basis and will have different minimum order requirements. Fees may vary depending on distance and time of delivery. Y'all, let's be honest... it's northern Virginia. If I said that my time sitting in traffic isn't a consideration I'd be lying. I do travel around Virginia quite a bit so please don't be afraid to ask.
  • I live outside of Stafford County / City of Fredericksburg. Will you deliver to me?
    Deliveries outside of Stafford County / City of Fredericksburg are done on a case-by case basis. The delivery fee may vary based on time of delivery and distance from Stafford County. Deliveries that are made outside of Stafford County / City of Fredericksburg, Virginia may also be subject to different minimum order requirements as well. I do travel within northern Virginia a good bit. And I do love to drive just about anywhere within the state. I encourage opening up a conversation about delivery options even if you do not live within Stafford County / City of Fredericksburg, Virginia. To be fair - your taste adventure with our products could lead me on to new discoveries within this state so please, share the adventure!
  • What times are you available for delivery and pick-up?
    Our delivery/pick-up availability is: Tuesday - Thursday .......................... 6 p.m. - 8 p.m. Saturday - Sunday ................................. 12 p.m. - 6 p.m. Delivery and pick-up availability times may be affected by weather and/or traffic. I do work full time during the week. Due to the location of Stafford County, travel becomes nearly impossible on most Friday evenings. Saturday mornings typically heading southbound are also greatly impacted. I just want to be as transparent and realistic about what I can accommodate. Our form allows you to provide two dates and times you would like your order by. We will confirm prior to sending the final invoice the exact available times for your request.
  • Do you ship?
    At this time we do not offer shipping for our products. Our products are best delivered fresh or frozen.​ Some products, such as non-frosted brownies or cake without frosting, can be shipped. ​If you have further inquiries regarding shipping our products; please contact us at
  • What can I expect when I receive your products?
    For most deliveries/pick-ups our products will be in a frozen state. If you are requesting a delivery/pick-up for an event occurring shortly after the delivery/pick-up then we will ensure to have our products ready-to-eat for the event upon delivery. Packaging for our products may vary.
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