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Northern Virginia Magazine - Best of NoVA 2018

We’re going to be straight with you folks; we have to try for this and any other “best of...” out there because we feel like we are among the best out there. Well, here. Here being Virginia. :: pause :: ok... here being northern Virginia. :: pause :: ok... Manassas? WAIT! Hold up! Wow - deja vu? Yes, we just posted a similar blog in reference to Virginia Living Magazine’s Best of 2018. So in case you skipped that one; let us continue but this time in reference to Northern Virginia Magazine’s Best of NoVA 2018 survey! We know these surveys can be daunting and the last thing you may want to do is a survey when you could be getting down to Taylor Swift’s next sick beats. But please shake it off. (See what we did there - we’re trying to make this more humorous and less daunting). What I would like for you to think about though is this - for small businesses everywhere, your support means the WORLD to those who created and run the small business. I don’t just say this as The Shameless Bakery; but for all the small businesses in Virginia. “Best of...” surveys and local media surveys are sometimes the only advertising very small businesses are getting media coverage from outside of their social media presence. So not only as Shameless, but as a supporter of small businesses everywhere; please complete this survey and recognize those businesses that make this area so great. Especially the start-ups or the small businesses. In order to vote in Northern Virginia Magazine’s Best of NoVA 2018 survey click on the link below before 11:45PM on February 9, 2018: ​The guidelines are listed clearly at the link on how to proceed with filling out the survey. You do need to be a Northern Virginia Magazine member in order to participate. Let me just say though - it is worth the extra time to set up the account. You can opt out of their e-mails but I have received so many great recommendations with their e-mails I truly think this is something you should sign up for even if you don’t vote. This survey is more “simplistic” than other surveys. You simply will answer which establishment has the best product and/or service. We highly recommend however when you list your vote’s business name also include where the company is based. For instance, if you choose to vote for The Shameless Bakery as best bakery; then your vote may look similar to The Shameless Bakery - Manassas, Virginia. In fact; not to sway you - but let us help. And when I say us I am going to step aside as Shameless and write this up as Elisabeth as in this is just my personal opinion on the categories and what my response may or may not be for them. I do this because there are a lot of categories (and you do not have to vote in them all!). But for some; like best locally owned coffee shop - maybe you are drawing a blank about what is in your neighborhood if you don’t get coffee that often and the only coffee shops you can think of are Dunkin’ Donuts or Starbucks. Maybe what I write here may walk your memory around your area and help you vote more local than ever! So - as Elisabeth - here is some of what I see when it comes to “Best Of...” answers. Please know there are SO many more options besides these businesses listed and if you feel I am just absolutely wrong PLEASE enlighten me and let us know where we should be going to further explore Virginia! Happy voting and thank you for your support! Category: Food & Drink Q.10 BBQ: Muggerz BBQ - Lorton, Virginia Q.13 Tacos: Zandra’s Taqueria - Manassas, Virginia Q.22 Food Truck: Pacific Twist - Centreville, Virginia Q.24 Doughnut Shop: Island Donut - Manassas, Virginia Q.25 Bakery: The Shameless Bakery - Manassas, Virginia (look - we are pretty shameless about this one) Q.29 Chinese: Wu’s Garden - Manassas, Virginia Q.35 Farmer’s Market: Historic Manassas Farmers Market - Manassas, Virginia Q.37 Coffee House: Weird Brothers Coffee - Herndon, Virginia Q.40 Brewpub: BadWolf Public House - Manassas, Virginia Q.46 Winery: Vint Hill Craft Winery - Warrenton, Virginia OR Bull Run Winery - Manassas, Virginia OR The Winery At La Grange - Haymarket, Virginia Q.47 Distillery: Murlarkey Distillery - Bristow, Virginia OR KO Distillery - Manassas, Virginia Q.48 Brewery: BadWolf Brewing Company - Manassas, Virginia OR Sinistral Brewing Company - Manassas, Virginia OR Old Bust Head Brewing Company - Warrenton, Virginia OR Forge Brew Works - Lorton, Virginia OR Heroic Aleworks - Woodbridge, Virginia (they may be closing but they deserve your vote too) OR Brew Republic Bierwerks - Woodbridge, Virginia Category: Arts & Entertainment Q.3 Movie Theater: Cinemark Centreville 12 - Centreville, Virginia Q.4 Art Gallery: Center For The Arts of Greater Manassas/Prince William County at The Candy Factory - Manassas, Virginia Category: Weddings Q.9 Wedding Dress Shop: Amy’s Bridal Boutique - Manassas, Virginia

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