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Happy New Year And “...Thanks for all the fish”!

To the year 2017 - “So long, and thanks for all the fish”. Before we close the door on this year however I feel it is very important to say the following: THANK YOU! From the bottom of all of our hearts here at The Shameless Bakery we are eternally grateful for all the support you have given to our little corner of the world. We are so excited to be moving forward one step at a time and continuing to build this business. I (very personally) am humbled by all the support given to this venture by everyone. Some nights I have spent this year in tears of frustration; but most times in tears of joy over the amount of love for this adventure. I am so humbled and grateful. Let’s get into the brass tacks of 2017 and what have we learned: 1) Be true to who you are. It will take you places you never knew. 2) Saran wrap has moved up the charts to be as useful as a pocketknife. 3) Our vehicles are capable of holding up to about 500 cupcakes - each. 4) Taxi services are a deductible business expense. But it’s not just about from getting from point A to B. It’s when your tastings at local breweries, wineries, and distilleries means you need a ride home (and tastings are deductible too). A) PSA: Don’t drink and drive. Ever. Don’t be a moron. Seriously. If anything give yourself and the local police department a “chuckle” by drunk dialing the non-emergency number and asking for a ride home. I’m sure they will hook you up with a local taxi program. 5) Have patience. We are still working on different versions of packaging. Number 32 to be exact. 6) It is possible to throw a spatula so hard it embeds itself into the wall. A) Do not try this at home. B) It is a check in the column for “Learned How To Repair Drywall”. 7) The quickest way to teach your kids how to be careful when you drive - frost a cake and put it (not in a box) on the backseat of the car. Drive around northern Virginia on a weekday starting at 4PM. Tell me how careful you are in the routes you take and how close you ride up on someone because you don’t want that cake to slide around or fall on the floor. 8) Enjoy everything. The little things and the big things. 9) Embrace challenges. A challenge is just an opportunity to nip fear in the bud. 10) Have goals. Without goals you might get stuck. Now, what is in store for 2018? Three goals! 1) Instagram 30 Day Challenge 2) Find 3 stores to carry The Shameless Bakery products 3) Find 3 wineries, 3 distilleries, and 3 more breweries to collaborate with For those that know me personally, I absolutely am not a fan of the number 3. I just don’t think it is “pretty”. Go ahead, laugh. I do regularly at this. There are a lot of good things that come from the number 3 though and in an effort to mend my negative thinking over this number I am sticking with it as a theme in my goal setting. As in - I will not set more than 3 goals at a time. And we are not wasting any time in starting in on these goals! Starting today (just to prove you don’t have to wait on a new year to start changing things) we are campaigning to do 30 days in a row of Instagram posts. Hopefully most will be pictures of what is currently going on with Shameless Bakery. However, because some days are just about the logistics of the business (aka - who really wants to see a picture of my head through a computer screen while trying to do Quickbooks?), some posts may be a funny picture or cupcake meme, but we will make sure it does tie into The Shameless Bakery. Onwards and upwards or side-wards. Here’s to 2018! And thank you again! A million times over... THANK YOU! ​Happy New Year to you all! Stay warm!

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