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“Where’d You Go?”

Recently I had the pleasure of participating in old town Manassas’s first Jolly Ol’ Confections event. During the event I had the even greater pleasure of speaking with so many people who were trying The Shameless Bakery’s Impossible cupcake samples. And within all those people trying the samples, I heard from quite a few repeat customers who had either purchased from us or were given some of our baked goods as a gift in the past. And from those people I heard the same inquiry I had sparsely been receiving from our website and Facebook recently and that was: “What’s going on with the bakery? We haven’t seen you around or seen any updates recently!” On October 28 I unfortunately took a pretty horrific fall and injured my knee and leg. At the time of the fall I had to be transported to a hospital where they determined that very thankfully nothing was fractured, broken, or any muscles torn. The next day however, the swelling grew and by the then next day our we began a series of doctor’s appointments to determine what was going on with my leg. Again, very much thankfully, nothing is broken, fractured, or torn. But the leg was full of fluid from broken blood vessels. With the swelling so bad all I could do for the first week and into the second week of recovery was trust the deluge of medications would help speed up recovery. As the doctor appointments continued though, it became apparent that time and patience were the only real medication that are going to help this recovery effort. I recently wrote about how personal setbacks did setback the bakery but there was so much good that came out of it. And here we are in round two of evaluating when setbacks happen. Had this fall not been so bad and the recovery limited to just a couple of weeks I fully believe this blog entry would not be as detailed as it is as I would of been back in the kitchen at full capacity carrying on with the momentum that October had brought to the bakery. ​I am blessed to reach what we see as stage two of this recovery process though and that is the start of physical therapy. I am so lucky that I am mainly off of crutches and I can navigate the house as I need to and mainly rely on a cane for stability too. Although not the most fun in the world, the occasional short car rides to doctors or the kitchen or just around town have been an amazing lift to my spirits too. In the past few weeks I have had a lot of help from friends and family to include moments of being able to return to baking and decorating. But there were markets that had to be canceled and there were events that had to be rescheduled too. The Jolly Ol’ Confections event this past week was the first time I was returning to the outside world since the injury. And it was so good! Now, I write this all as an update as to what is going on with Shameless. Shameless is still here. We’re just a little quieter while the baker is in recovery. It doesn’t mean we can’t bake. It just means we are a little slower at it. And until I am cleared to drive (stage three of recovery!) it means that events are very, very, very carefully scheduled. I do not know how to properly thank everyone who has been so helpful to us or those who have offered their kind words and prayers. I cry with the amount of thankfulness I have in my heart for all these actions and thoughts. Thank you. In closing, let me address the picture attached to this note. Yes, that is the bottom part of my leg and yes, that is one of our cats (Crowley Craig) who in the second week of my recovery poised himself on my ankle like that after one of its ice sessions. I couldn’t feel a thing between the ice, swelling, and medications. But he was just so content that I had to snap a picture. He has been my buddy throughout this recovery. Our other cat (Stoli Shot) has been content to just stare at me from across the room every day. Let’s just say my Nerf gun aim has gotten pretty good in order to shoo her from the room. So be on the look out for posts to our Facebook page and to our website as this recovery process hopefully is coming to a close soon. Getting to stage three (driving) will be huge. The next step after that is jogging the bakery back into full swing. You have to learn to walk before you run.

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