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“They’ve got a name for people like you...”

When you open up a menu at a restaurant or stare down a menu at any food establishment you expect that every now and again you will find an item named oddly that in some way pays homage to a story of the item itself. Here at the bakery we decided to go full tilt and pay homage to one of our favorite shows - Bob’s Burgers and try to uniquely name each creation we have. You see, in each episode of Bob’s Burgers there is a pun-spun burger named on its menu board. Names such as the “Summer Thyme Burger” or the “Peas and Thank You Burger” have intrigued our curiosity and tickled our sense of humor throughout the seasons of the show. From this we were inspired to make sure each of our creations had it’s own identity and could create conversation between not only ourselves and customers; but hopefully spurn lively conversation at the different venues our goods are being served at. At the present time we have fifteen uniquely named cupcakes. They are:

  1. The Impossible Cupcake

  2. Great Balls of Fire Cupcake

  3. Michelle’s Hot Chocolate Cupcake

  4. Want S’More? Cupcake

  5. Pucker Up! Cupcake

  6. Strawbae-B Cupcake

  7. Alduin’s Offering Cupcake

  8. The Albuquerque Special Cupcake

  9. Lucie’s Breakfast Cupcake

  10. Sam’s Purse Cupcake

  11. Leila Walker Cupcake

  12. Vanilla The Hun Cupcake

  13. Chocolate Chocolate Cupcake

  14. Rock The Red Velvet Cupcake

  15. The Murphy Cupcake

Now some of these may seem very obviously named. For instance our Want S’More? Cupcake is a chocolate cupcake topped with marshmallow frosting and a graham cracker crumble with mini-marshmallows. Just like a s’more; only in cupcake form. Others however do have a bit more back story to them. The number one question I tend to get lately is “How did The Albuquerque Special get it’s name?”. In our description of the cupcake we let you know that it is named after one of the most infamous rabbits of all time - Bugs Bunny. But just how did we get from carrot cake to Albuquerque? First; who really just wants to see “Carrot Cupcake” written on a label? So in creating this name we went from carrots to ‘what is associated with carrots?’ - ah ha! Rabbits! And instead of calling the cupcake “Rabbit Food” (because that sounds very appetizing :: insert sarcasm ::), is there a famous rabbit out there or some rabbit associated word that can name this cute carrot cupcake? There is the Cadbury Bunny, Bugs Bunny, Peter Rabbit, Harvey (although that’s more a pooka), the Energizer Bunny, Roger Rabbit, Rabbit (from Winnie the Pooh), the White Rabbit (Alice in Wonderland), and of course; the Easter Bunny. That’s a lot of rabbits and we know we are still missing quite a few in that list. But now there were choices before us. So the line of thinking starts to go like this: “Energize Bunny. Maybe it can be the “Carrot On Cupcake”?” - Maybe, but not a favorite. “Roger Rabbit. Let’s go with the “P-P-Please More Carrot Cupcake”?” - Nope. Too Complicated. “Cadbury Bunny. There’s no way to even phonetically fit that chicken sound it makes on the label. It’s out.”. “The White Rabbit. “Down The Rabbit Hole Cupcake”?” - A little long but workable. “Harvey. No, let’s save this for when we test some Irish whiskey with carrot cake. After all; Harvey is more a pooka than an actual rabbit”. No matter where I was turning I felt like Bugs Bunny saying “I should of made that left at Albuquerque”. Because I could just give up and go with a traditionally named “Carrot Cupcake” or try and pick between a few more I had come up with. And then just like a frying pan being hit upside Daffy Duck’s head - it came to me. Just name it The Albuquerque Special for that reason. It’s one of Bugs Bunny’s more infamous quotes and it’s catchy and just plain, old, why not! Thusly folks we have The Albuquerque Special. As for the fourteen others on the list I will slowly let you in on their stories too. The bottom line folks is that we are rarely (if ever) going to be normal in naming our creations. We want to highlight local and that means local folks and local stories too. If you notice we do have quite a few ladies names that appear in our creations. Each with their own little inspiration to the creation. Even the local beers, spirits, and wines we incorporate into our goods plays a role in aptly naming the good. In closing I have a couple of notes to share with you. 1) If you have a local story/legend or know of a local hero that you believe would inspire us to create a baked good in their honor - let us know! Yes, we specialize in cupcakes but we are not scared of pies, breads, cakes, muffins, and so forth to create from. And do not be deterred to contacting us because you aren’t sure what qualifies “a hero”. A hero folks is anyone that inspired you, made you laugh, made you smile, made you be introspective, and in summary - someone who influenced you. If this person influences others too; great! But heroes just have to touch the life of one to start.

  • Just a couple of ground rules to this.

  • Only one hero per submission

  • The naming process can take some time. This is naming a creation that is added to our daily menu. We want to show respect to your hero/locality and maintain a respectful environment at the bakery.

  • Not sure how to contact us? Message us through Facebook or you can reach us at

2) #13 on our list of current 15 cupcakes is going to get renamed. At 3AM with the minutes ticking into oblivion and down to the delivery time, it needed something besides “Chocolate Cupcake” and at the time I thought saying “chocolate chocolate” sounded pretty funny; again - at 3AM on about 4 hours of sleep. It is what is sounds like - a chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting. The game still continues on how to rename it. Now, I must leave you with some Shakespeare: “ What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”.

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